About the new Blog


I’m Milan and this is my new blog. I used to write a blog a few years ago. It was in Czech language and contained some vaguely IT related stuff. Since then I’ve got myself pretty busy (and lazy to produce any content) and eventually I stopped writing.

So why start now again and in English? Several reasons. I’ve got this hard-to-describe “itch” for writing back. It seems my blogging burn-out is healed and I have finally (I hope) the idea what should I write about.

I decided to write in English even though it’s not my native “tongue”. The main reason is, it’s a good practice. I read, watch and listen to a ton of English every day. So my passive language skills are great. Recently I’ve got an opportunity to speak a bit. And the last part is obviously the writing. So hopefully you’ll excuse my more-than-usual language mess up (feel free to correct me in the comments section). The other advantage of not using language that can only be understood by about 15 million people (Czech + Slovak) is of course a way greater potential audience.

As I already have some experience with perils of content creation, I have decided to follow a few personal rules in hope of avoiding another burn-out:

1. Be brief
Creating content takes a lot of time. I often spent over 3 hours on single article. So I will not introduce every blog post (especially the technical ones) with detailed backstory etc. I will try not to over-explain stuff. Short article is a good article.

2. Don’t force creativity
If I’m not in a mood or don’t have time, I will not write anything. I will not let myself be pushed into creating new content just because there were no new posts for X days (weeks…).

3. Don’t spend extra time on polish
Adding extra content like pictures and making sure everything looks super nice takes a lot of time. Back to point 1.

4. Ignore naysayers
Everybody is a hero behind the keyboard. I will ignore all the negative people that will surely arrive. I will not engage them and I will likely delete the most offensive comments etc.

And what will be this blog about? IT stuff and some personal rumbling (I know – what a surprise!). I intend to publish mainly some stuff I encounter as an IT Admin (you can read about me here), however you can expect other geek related posts as well…

So as I see this post is already long enough, it’s time to go.